Cleaning and care

Cleaning & Care
There are several ways to keep your brass items looking shiny .

For the most efficient and effective way you can use a polishing pad, I have recently started to include a small piece in with each Jewellery order placed through on my site. If you would like to buy an additional one I have added an option to purchase them in my shop under polishing. 

Alternatively you can use natural products .There are many I've added just a few of these below.

Lemon and Salt
Add a few drops of lemon juice onto an old towel or sponge and a small amount of salt and rub all over your item. Rinse your item off under the tap and buff dry with a clean towel.

Tomato ketchup
Add a small amount of Tomato ketchup onto an old piece of fabric( an old towel works well ) . Rub the mix all over your brass piece and wipe off the residue with a damp cloth, rinse under the tap and buff dry with a clean towel.

When your items are not being worn, keep in a cool dry place away from moisture.

If you wear your brass ring daily it will naturally stay polished, as when you wash and dry your hands you are naturally polishing/ buffing up the metal with the towel after applying soap and water.

Same goes for any other brass item if worn in the bath, shower or swimming and are dried immediately with a towel you are effectively buffing up the brass and it will stay shiny. however if it comes into contact with water and moisture and is not dried immediately this is when tarnishing and black spots can start to appear on the surface and you will need to use one of the cleaning products methods mentioned above to bring back the shine.

Silver is more forgiving when it comes to tarnishing but over time if not worn and not kept in a dry place away from moisture Silver can also start to tarnish. I recommend a polishing cloth to bring back the shine.